Sunday, 8 September 2013

Quilled Garland for Lord Ganesha with Tutorial

Hi's a tutorial for making garland for Lord Ganesha with Quilled flowers...

Step 1: Take one big strip

Step 2: Cut it in to  half

Step 3: Half Quill the strip as shown in picture below

Step 4: Apply little bit glue to edge of round so that it don't open up

Step 5: Press round to Make Tear-drop as shown below

Step 6: Take Orange colour strip and loosely quill it

Step  7: Make Round shape for each petal in flower

Step 8: Press the Round shape against some circular object like pen,pencil etc.. to make half moon like shape

Step 9: Stick that moon on tear drops

Step 10: Now wrap the remaining strip around to make such petals

Step 11: Join petals to make flower

Step 12: Stick one tight coiled round in center of the flower..

Step 13: Make the other flowers too in same way..

Step 14: Now paste the flowers with some leaves on satin make i hv created leaves by beehive can do it as per your choice...

And  Beautiful Garland for lord Ganesha is ready.... Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all..

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